25 years of experience in grape cultivation

Qingdao Liancun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. The main business is the cultivation and sales of Crimson seedless grapes. Crimson seedless grapes have many characteristics and advantages making them particularly suitable for international trade business, such as large particles, high sweetness, long-term storable and long-distance transportable.


The predecessor of Qingdao Liancun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was the collective organization of local villagers from Qiji village. Since 2001, we have introduced the Crimson seedless grape from California, USA, and led local farmers to plant and construct the Crimson seedless grape industrial park in Shandong, China. By far, our company has more than 20 years of experiences in planting Crimson seedless grapes. We have a high-tech Crimson seedless grape industrial park covering about 500 acres, and pioneered a series of scientific management technologies, such as rain shelter facilities, automatic watering facilities and soil warming technology with pond water, aimed to ensure that the grapes planted are rich nutritious, high-quality and excellent taste, which help us received broad praises from domestic and abroad customers.
Crimson seedless grape industry park implements three major technological innovations to ensure high-quality grapes output:


The grape cote rainproof shed facilities.

which is completely self-developed based on our long years experiences. By applying these facilities, grape trees don’t need to be buried with soil in winter which could help labor reduced and being able to prevent heavy snow and strong winds. It can prevent late spring coldness, also protect grapes from rain and hail in summer and first frost in autumn, these measures could prolongs the growth period of grape trees to get more outputs and better quality.


The watering technology in the park.

Each ridge of grape trees is equipped with a large faucet, which is matched with small water pipes for drip irrigation. The large faucet water is used to irrigate the strip land between the two ridges, allowing the grape seedlings to be watered with antifreeze water in winter, then we usually water 2-3 more times in early Spring. This is also conducive to the continuous growth of grass on the striped ground, making it convenient for small machinery to enter in and help straw switching fields. This grass becomes an organic fertilizer for seedless grape trees.

The warm soil technology by pond water.

Building pond water conservancy project in the vineyard and storing water in the pond middle of the park, it can not only raise the soil temperature, but also could use the warm water from the pond to irrigate the seedless grape trees. Usually warm water is more conducive to the healthy growth of the seedless grape trees than cold water.


High-quality Crimson seedless grape is contributed by the above three major technologies. We adhere to the business philosophy of "Success lies in quality, victory lies in service". We welcome customers from home and abroad to visit and give us valuable advice. If you are interested in our grapes, we really appreciate and welcome you to send us inquiries, look forward to win-win cooperation.